Why this website?

My name is Bob La Forge or as it might also be written, Bob LaForge.

Though we are still very far from the death of printed media, the internet has certainly opened up a vast avenue of distributing written material.

There are an enormous number of Christian websites available many of which are extremely well done. So why this one? It is simply a resource where everything is free and can be downloaded, printed, and distributed. Hopefully it will answer some questions, provide some encouragement, and draw you into a deeper understanding of God.

There is one aspect of this website that might prove to be somewhat unique. If anyone wants to translate anything that is available here be it a tract, book, or article then please do so and return it to me and I will post it under that language. That will increase its availability to many more peoples. You can email it as an attachment to

I have over 230 publications in print with most of them being articles or devotionals. Over 10,000 copies of my tracts have been printed and distributed. My book "Contemplating the Almighty" was originally self-published and one Christian bookstore put it next to their register with a sign reading, "Very Special Book" and sold over 100 copies. It was used in group discussions at their church. Not stellar but encouraging.

My three books are available for the Kindle on “Contemplating the Almighty” is about who God is, “Developing Great Relationships” discusses how to develop solid friendships, God centered dating, and making right decisions regarding marriage. “The Tempter Comes” is a Christian fiction novel. All three are also available on this website for free.

Church Growth Institute (Ephesian 4 Ministries) is currently selling a friendship evaluation resource called "Evaluating your Friendship Skills." Please go to Evaluating Your Friendship Skills or The Christian Counselor's Tool Box and take a look. In fact please feel free to purchase a thousand or so. They make great holiday (any holiday) gifts for everyone.

I attend a conservative, Bible-believing church in Wall, New Jersey called Grace Bible Church. You can check out its website at Grace Bible Church. I oversee the church bookstore and teach adult Sunday School. You can see some of my topics and notes in the "Bible Study Series" section of this website

I have been a computer programmer and database programmer for years and currently work as a data analyst for the largest healthcare system in New Jersey.

For those of you who care about such things here is a photo of me with my wife, Toni, and twin daughters, Sarah and Danielle. They were born July 21, 2006. Toni and I were married October 14, 2001. This photo was taken at Christmas of 2017. We also have a labrador mix dog (Heart) that we got from a rescue shelter.

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