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"Developing Great Relationships" has a companion workbook that was published by Church Growth Institute (Ephesian 4 Ministries). Please feel free to buy several hundred of the workbooks.
Title: Contemplating the Almighty Developing Great Relationships The Tempter Comes
Desc:  There is no greater goal nor joy than knowing God more deeply. The goal of this book is to know God more intimately that we might trust Him with all of our hearts. Includes discussion questions with each chapter. This book will appeal to people who want to be a better friend, be more attractive to the opposite gender in a godly manner, be able to recognize good and bad characteristics in others, and guidance on dating and right choices. Four teenage friends in the town of Jabesh notice sinister people coming into town, mysterious events occuring, and their having to escape from supernatural horrors. Then they encounter ultimate evil.
English: Word Doc
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Kindle: Contemplating the Almighty - Kindle Developing Great Relationships - Kindle The Tempter Comes - Kindle
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The Christian Counselor's Tool Box
Chapters: 1) Introduction
2) To Know God
3) The Eternal God
4) The Immutable God
5) The Omnipotent God
6) The Omniscience of God
7) The Omnipresent God
8) The Holy God
9) The Sovereign God
10) The Divine Love
11) The Divine Faithfulness
12) The Divine Mercy
13) The Divine Grace
14) The Divine Patience
15) The Divine Forgiveness
16) The Divine Comfort
17) Source of Biblical Quotations
18) Glossary

1) Table of Contents
2) Introduction
3) Our Design and Purpose
4) God's Wonderful Blessing
5) Dark Clouds and Red Lights
6) Love and Pain - Relationships that Hurt
7) Saving your Best - Purity
8) Getting There
9) Is This the One?

1) The First Night
2) The Picnic
3) Problem Solving
4) Bus Trips and Brothers
5) Horrors, Dictators, and Brothers
6) The Angst-Feeders
7) Behind the Storm
8) The Encounter in the Woods
9) Turnings
10) Meetings and Puzzles
11) Back in Church
12) The Tall Man
13) The Niss
14) The Aftermath
15) Playing Detective
16) The Man in the Woods
17) The Narciss
18) The Plan
19) Sleuthing
20) Antagonizing
21) The Clue
22) It Comes Together
23) The Mission
24) The Cave
25) After Thoughts
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